• Who We Are

About Us

We believe in the power of sport to change the world. We believe sport provides a way to talk to kids and empower them in a way few other things can.

Who We Are

Kicks NOLA is a sports-based youth development program that believes in using the power of sport for lasting and impactful social change.


Our Mission

To provide high-quality, accessible sports-based youth development soccer programming to every child in New Orleans regardless of race, income or geography.


Our Vision

A vibrant New Orleans with healthy and empowered youth who have access to leadership and educational opportunities.


Our Team

Richard Pavlick

Richard Pavlick is the founder of Kicks NOLA. He is passionate about providing high-quality youth recreation opportunities for children. Pavlick believes that sports-based youth development programs can play a key role in helping address some of the social, emotional and economic challenges that face New Orleans.

Our Philosophy

Kicks NOLA runs the Kicks NOLA at NORDC soccer league, hosts community clinics and supports after-school soccer programming at local New Orleans schools.


Our focus is on the physical, emotional and social development of individual players. U.S. Youth soccer advocates this as best practice for young children learning to play the game of soccer.

Player Development Focus

Kicks NOLA uses a small-sided games approach. Fewer players play on smaller fields which leads to more playing time and opportunities for success for players. We have found that players don't need adults keeping score in order to be competitive.

Have Fun. Learn. Repeat.

Studies show children are less likely to keep playing sports if they have a bad experience as a young player. We create a fun and dynamic environment to keep kids coming back.

What Is SBYD?

Trained Coaches

All YLC Kicks coaches undergo off and on-field training in the areas of 1) youth development, 2) risk management and 3) soccer skills.

Intentional Programming

YLC Kicks soccer and youth development activities are age and developmentally appropriate. The program was designed to teach soccer, while teaching values necessary for success in life.

Safe Environment

Our coaches are trained to provide a physical and emotionally safe environment for kids to fail, win and succeed.

Strong Administration

The program is run by a dedicated group of YLC volunteers with support from YLC and NORDC staff. The leadership team meets regularly to discuss, review and improve the program.

Deliberate M&E

YLC Kicks uses the inFocus Measurement & Evaluation platform to measure program outcomes and successes. We have a culture of transparency and improvement.

Active Learning

We believe that children can have fun and learn at the same time. Activities are designed to incorporate learning in an appropriate manner.